LETOGLED is new proprietary VTOL UAV concept which differently from conventional UAVs or VTOLs do not use propellers but instead Nikola Tesla inspired enclosed proprietary impeller. LETOGLED is much safer to use as it does not present acute danger (especially for eye sight) and it cannot inflict any king of serious injuries in general. This kind of propulsions system is much more efficient than conventional rotor based propulsion systems and in combination with unique 360 degrees rotating thrust it provides unique high performance and high maneuverability flying vehicle. As such LETOGLED UAV family are first step in creation of truly functional personal manned flying vehicles (flying cars).

LETOGLED UAVs comes in four basic options: 

  • LETOGLED M1 P which is option with safety parachute 
  • LETOGLED M1 K which is option with wings
  • LETOGLED M1 KP which is option with wings and safety parachute.

LETOGLED M1 P and M1 KP also comes in variants with LED light and heat sink under markings LETOGLED M1 PS and LETOGLED M1 KPS.

LETOGLED general info

LETOGLED elements info